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There’s something about the mountains in the fall…

I spent most of my weekend exploring the mountains around Chattanooga- the views were unbelievable!  While driving around the “brow” I couldn’t help but begin to dream up my perfect mountain house.  Not all mountain houses have to be dark and woodsy – I prefer lots of natural light.  There’s something refreshing about clean lines when you are surrounded by the unkempt elements of nature.  Tightly made beds, clean slabs of white marble, simply detailed cabinets and trim are all great contrasts to the wildness of nature and actually seem really cozy to me.  Maybe I don’t relate to the saying “being one with nature!”



Exterior – Gil Schafer

Carriage House – Gil Schafer

Foyer – Bill Ingram

Living Room

Kitchen – Bates Corkern Studio

Mud Room – Gil Schafer

Master Bedroom

Guest Bedroom #1

Guest Bedroom #2


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  1. I’m ready to move into the virtual house you’ve assembled here…


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