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As you know by now, Hannon has started splitting her time between Birmingham and Chattanooga where her husband’s company has headquartered. She’s in the process of packing up their house in Birmingham and getting their awesome new loft in Chattanooga furnished. Yesterday we went to Atlanta and scored a super cool grasscloth-covered desk and caramel leather chair from West Elm for Hannon’s home office in Chattanooga. In the midst of all this packing and moving and change we decided to really mix things up — I’m going to move into Hannon and Cameron’s beautiful house in Birmingham!


I am so excited to finish the project Hannon started on their cottage — last year after they bought the house, Hannon and I selected all new paint colors and master planned a furniture layout for the place. It’s going to be so fun to put my own spin on things…I’ve admired the house so much since they bought it and I am so glad our little plan worked and now I get to live there.

Even better? All of our business paperwork is registered to that address…I don’t think either of us could take another round of courthouse visits right now! We’ve taken to calling the place HDI HQ — I can’t wait to share the progress of my new project with all of you! And Hannon and Cameron are piling everything they have in Birmingham into a moving truck this weekend so you’ll be seeing updates from their new place soon too.

We are both so excited about our new living arrangements and remember, if you are looking for some help with your home (new or old!) in Birmingham, Chattanooga, or anywhere in between– we’d love to talk with you.

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  1. Very excited for you Doug! Can’t wait to see what you do with the place. M

  2. Very exciting. I was wondering why you were putting your place up for rent, and this makes perfect sense!

    – Holly

  3. Sounds like fun!! Would love to see how she had the Birmingham cottage decorated!


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