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Hi everyone, happy 2013! Hannon and I are fully back in the swing of things with three new projects beginning this week in Mountain Brook and Homewood, AL and Atlanta, GA. Of course we still have several great projects underway…we are busy and we are ready to attack this new year and get some great work done!

In the couple of weeks we took off between Christmas and New Year’s, Hannon moved all of their stuff to the loft she and Cameron have rented in Chattanooga and I moved into their house in Birmingham. I’m finally settled in but man do I need a lot of stuff–this place is three times the size of my old one!

One of the main things I’m addressing first is lighting…I have a few rooms that need fixtures replaced or installed (Hannon took a few fixtures with her to Chattanooga) and I need lamps all over the house. I thought I’d share a few fixtures I’m either looking at buying or have already bought…


I’ll work from left to right, starting with the flush mount future in the top left corner. There are a few places in the house where Hannon had not yet gotten to switching out fixtures and I figure if I don’t do it now I won’t either! I actually found this schoolhouse flush mount when I was shopping with our Jackson, TN clients…at Home Depot! This little guy is great, it blends so well with some of the nicer fixtures I’ve selected for other parts of the house and the style is perfect for this 1925 bungalow. I’ve bought three so far…one for the Butler’s Pantry, one for the Kitchen and one for the Hallway. For $49, why not?

In my excitement to buy some new things, I sold most of the lamps I had at my other house. I quickly realized as move in day neared that I was going to need some light in the Living Room fast since there is no overhead lighting, so I quickly ordered Circa Lighting’s Metal Banded Table Lamp. I love the acrylic base mixed with the brass bands and the dimmable switch is a nice touch too.

Eventually I need to get an electrician over here to move the chandelier currently in the Butler’s Pantry to the Master Bedroom (I’m handy, but the mount looks tricky and these ceilings are plaster and old). Until then, that room is without lighting too, so I tossed in Circa’s French Library Lamp When i ordered the Living Room lamp. It’s a great price and I love the warm brass finish against my grey walls…and it’s adjustable so when I find the perfect nightstand (add that to my list!) I won’t have to worry about the lamp being too tall or too short.

20130108-144039.jpgThe Living Room is flanked by a Sunroom on the far end (the grey room with the Travertine tile, above) and the Dining Room on the other…both with big openings so the whole thing feels like one continuous space across the front of the house. I think I want to do the same fixture in both rooms so they don’t fight with each other visually. I’m really considering the HEKTAR pendant from Ikea for both spaces…I want some big industrial gestures in this pretty and bright space and I think a pair of these would stand out well on either end of the space. And they aren’t crazy expensive so if I find something I like better later it’s not a big deal…I almost bought them a month ago but chickened out. We are going back to Atlanta this week and I might pull the trigger then. I have not one thing in the Dining Room right now so it’s hard to commit!

There’s a corner in the Kitchen where I’d like to add a lamp on the counter. The kitchen is rather dark anyway and especially at night it would be nice to have some soft lighting I could leave on all the time. I don’t really want a table lamp per se, I really like this metal shaded candlestick lamp by Arteriors…I think the metallic shade would jive well with my stainless steel island.

Finally there’s the office where I really wanted to do something great since I’m in there so much! I decided to go with a favorite and went with Circa’s classic and ubiquitous Hicks Pendant. It’s currently sitting in a box in the corner waiting to be hung (again, going to need to call in the professionals for that one) but I cannot wait to see it up. One of Hannon’s and my all time favorite fixtures…I think the mix of brass, steel and milk glass will really pull together all the other fixtures in the house and at the least, it will make me happy every time I sit down to work!

Lots more work to be done around here, I’ll keep you posted…

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  1. Love all your choices. Can’t wait to see it come together!


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